what printing format is this? 

To allow for maximum compatibility between paper sizes, the scores available here are Letter-compatible A4. This means that when printed correctly, they respect both the height of Letter and the width of A4, all without affecting the size of the music.

For best results, we recommend the following settings:

  • 100% size (disable all fitting or scaling options);

  • Center in page;

Sadly, many printing dialogs do not provide the centering option, so a PDF viewer like Acrobat Reader is recommended.


The description says 4 pages, but I got 6. Why?

Those numbers refer to the pages containing the music. The score is 4 pages long, but add the cover and credits page and you get 6.



Those are version numbers. I periodically recheck my scores for anything that might have escaped the proofreading process, and then release updates with corrections.

You will be sent the most recent versions of every score you’ve bought to the email you entered upon purchase.

If I have somehow neglected to do so, let me know.


The page after the first is numbered 3, is there something missing?

Likely not. In case the scores are collated into a book layout, some need to start on a left page for better reading. Convention states that in this case, the music should start on page number 2, which makes the preceding blank page number 1.


I’m unfamiliar with some notation, what does this symbol mean?

Any non-standard or more relative notation is clarified in an included glossary. This is freely available in the description, usually alongside any other special considerations, to help inform you before you get the score.

If you have doubts about any detail not specified in a glossary, feel free to contact me.


this bit isn’t playable!

Congratulations, you have just been promoted to proofreader!

Seriously, though, if anything escaped our diligent proofreaders, let me know, and we’ll be happy to send you a free revision.


I have a request!

Is it of something I’ve made, for which you’d like a score? Request it and it will be queued. Writing scores is hard work, so it will take time; but depending on complexity, the most requested scores will usually be available first!

Is it of something I’ve never made? That makes it a commission. Write me with details and I’ll calculate a fee.


Could you arrange this score for…?

Probably, but tailoring to your specifications makes it a commission as well. Write me with details and I’ll calculate a fee.


Who’s “we”?

Miguel Jesus and I. He’s the reason my scores and recordings look and sound so clean and sharp. Give him some love.