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Engraving and Act III Progress


Above: Miguel Jesus and his struggles with sketching a proper presentation for bell tolling and drum rolling.

As you can see in the progress bars on the right, the draft for Act III is currently at 58% completion. I am writing 2 minutes of music a day, which takes about 6-10 hours due to the large ensemble + singers.

Meanwhile, Miguel Jesus and myself will be meeting more frequently not only to record singers for the demos, but also to prepare a printable draft for when Liam Greenough comes join us mid-February to begin a proper revision process.

P.S: By printable draft I mean a draft that will not cause eye cancer.



Q&As, Interview, and Score Revisions

A little hardware problem has prevented me from recording Q&As, but Liam Greenough was kind to record and send me a new one, which will be uploaded soon.

Radio Hyrule has updated their playlist with the most recent demos from Majora, along with three of my non-Majora-related arrangements. They also interviewed me for the second time, wherein I happened to give away a status update that I will reiterate here:

The first draft of the opera's score will be finished in little more than a month, as Liam Greenough will be flying to my location in February. He, Miguel Jesus, and I will then be revising the entire first draft for the duration of that month, hopefully reaching its final form before Liam has to leave.