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Revision Journal #19


Pictured: Endangered species.

The revision notes for the orchestration of Act I are as good as done. All that remains is the writing of a few recitativos and the actual engraving.

Act II is about halfway through orchestration, and is contributing to the destructive predation of the elusive green pencil. And so we shall consume...


Consume everything...



Video Q&A #25

[embed][/embed] Yes, it is last week's. Forgot to post it here.

Act III is currently at 67%.



Q&As, Interview, and Score Revisions

A little hardware problem has prevented me from recording Q&As, but Liam Greenough was kind to record and send me a new one, which will be uploaded soon.

Radio Hyrule has updated their playlist with the most recent demos from Majora, along with three of my non-Majora-related arrangements. They also interviewed me for the second time, wherein I happened to give away a status update that I will reiterate here:

The first draft of the opera's score will be finished in little more than a month, as Liam Greenough will be flying to my location in February. He, Miguel Jesus, and I will then be revising the entire first draft for the duration of that month, hopefully reaching its final form before Liam has to leave.



Deku Palace - Instrumental

[embed][/embed] Exactly 3 years ago, the very first upload from Majora was made: an instrumental of Deku Palace. Here it is now, resampled.

Art by the very talented Brellom.

P.S: Due to technical difficulties, there was no Q&A last Friday. There might be one this week, but it's not sure yet. Apologies.


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Status Update

As usual, my attempts at updating regularly are foiled by bothersome things like reality.

The three latest updates (The Fortress, Pamela's Arietta, and Kafei's Dream, all redux'd) were following a schedule of updates I believed I could keep up from August onwards, with a new demo or instrumental every two weeks, ending in November.

As it is clearly visible, that steady flow has stopped. The good news is that Demo #5's makeover will be uploaded next week. The bad news is that I don't know when the others will yet. The fact that I depend on finding operatic singers that match standards that have been raised since some years ago (hence the makeovers), and then on their interest and availability, makes it so that predictions are impossible.

I will attempt one anyway, because it's fun. After next week's Stock Pot Inn Trio makeover, I believe the order of releases will go along the lines of something like this: Giant's Aria (makeover), Deku Palace Choir (makeover), Council Room Fugato (makeover), Quartet (final demo #9).

That will complete the opera's digital showreel (or portfolio), and allow the next phase to begin.

I'd love to have this done before the year is done.

While I'm at it, I'd also love to have a billion dollars.

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Demo #3 - Pamela's Arietta (Audio Makeover)


I still have no personal preference for child singers, but I have come to the conclusion that Pamela might have to be the exception to the operatic voice rule, even in the stage version. After some testing, there is no way to make her a convincing child character otherwise. The singer here is not a child, but played the part perfectly for the demo.

Assuming a staging, in the event that no children fit the part, Pamela might end up becoming a strange childish young woman (probably played by a soubrette), which is actually not that out of place in the strange land of Ikana.

Rest assured, despite my personal taste, I feel it is important that Pamela remains a child, so a good child singer is definitely going to remain plan A.