Crazy: I have a question. Are you considering making a musical or opera for any other Zelda games? (I think an OoT musical would be amazing!)

It's not something that I haven't thought about, but let's not go crazy here. :P One thing at a time. Ocarina of Time isn't really fit for an opera, IMO, but I think a ballet would fit it rather well. So would a cantata fit Wind Waker well.


ChuIf you had to guess, when do you think the draft will be finished?

I honestly cannot tell about the complete draft. I've had things that theoretically would have been done in 4 months and took a year instead, and then I've had 40 minutes done in two weeks. It's really hard to tell. An optimistic prediction for the finishing of Act III is around the end of this Fall. The keyword is optimistic.


AWWhen the opera is finished would you allow it to be a public opening such as people getting together to perform this in public as a fundraiser or a school performance? I have sung these songs for my friends  who have all said we should perform this.

The ultimate fate of the opera is unknown for now. The ideal objective is an actual professional staging, with everything. It's scored for a very large orchestra, choir and many soloists.

The support or permission of Nintendo is a big factor, and a good professional proposal can only happen once the first draft is completed and minimally revised. The progress bars on the right sidebar show where I currently am in the writing of the draft. No revisions have been definitive yet, as that phase can only begin once the drafts of the 3 acts + ouverture and prologue are done. The expected final length of the work is 3:30 hours.

There are no plans for an alternative fate as of now, because the focus must first be on the writing. Optimistic predictions for finishing the draft of Act III place it at the end of this Fall. This takes time, but no matter the final fate, I will finish writing and revising the full score. Even if its only fate ends up being a drawer in this room.