kram1032: [referring to Demo #4] How many people are in the choir in actuality and how many virtually?I have the feeling that you might have made people sing multiple instances and mixed it together into one choir?

Indeed. The poor man's solution to everything is improvising! You can see the list of people on the video's description. Apart from the sopranos, who were a complex matter, we used two people for each part and used three takes of each person with different intonations. Basically, you have 11 people (the sopranos break the rule of being just two, but we didn't use the same for the same segments), and 24 simultaneous voices.


Jakeyseverus Hütz Twyman: Any songs from other Zeldas gonna make it in there? maybe like in between set changes or something you could have the warp songs from ocarina (well the depressing ones i.e. shadow temple).

Well, that doesn't really make much sense, now, does it? Why would tunes from Ocarina of Time be present in Majora's Mask, especially if Link isn't present? Also, the opera is built so that set changes happen while scenes are going on, so every action inside one act flows seamlessly.

I am aware I am in violation of the theatrical notion of "act," that usually implies the same location, but I never really liked that that much, especially when many places nowadays have the means for a smooth set change.


SolidLink64: It is just a hunch but why would this not be the events "before" Majora's Mask? But I could be overthinking this.

If it were the events before Majora's Mask, it wouldn't occur during the last three days. Which it does. Every act is one of the last three days.


PieStealer: I will support this project until the end! At 1:22 [in Demo #4], is that Kafei's voice we finally hear? :D



Insayneable: Can you upload a longer version of the music, please?

The music goes on in other terms after this, into the constant development that the opera is. The numbers very rarely have a clear defined end, many blend into each other. This bit was what was intended to be shown as a demo.


Caleb Hughes: I have a question. Will Majora be portrayed by a female? I hope so. It seems very fitting. I say this because of the feminine screeches and appearance made by Majora when in her non-mask forms.

Yes. Majora will be a female singer, a coloratura soprano. Skull Kid will be a dancer. Majora only comes onto stage when her presence is very strong, and she is invisible to all characters. Other times, she sings from off-stage, giving her voice a haunting echo that Skull Kid hears in his head.


DoubleEyeTwins: Why is Kafei in this demo [#4]?

After a month of searching for his mask, Kafei grows desperate and begins following any clues that hint at any sort of criminal activity. The juggling brothers in Clock Town mention the kidnapping in the swamp, just like they would have told Link if he were there, and that's one of the leads Kafei follows, albeit weak and probably unrelated, he doesn't have much to lose after a month of fruitless search.

Kafei will witness the decay of all four corners of Termina in his search for the Sun Mask.