Sorry for the lack of updates. After a long battle against software issues, I'm back on track. The thing is that trouble never comes alone, and the production of the demos has also suffered delays, as you might have noticed. To clarify that and other questions, here's Q&A #5:


Vincent Laberge: We are at April 16th. When do you think the Demo 2 will be released?

Right now, April 17th where I live. Even worse! Yeah, as it was said above, delays, delays, delays... As I'm working with volunteers from work/music school, stuff gets late when week-long holidays get in the way, although that's good for composing (17 minutes of act II got done before Finale decided to bug on me). The primary reasons for the delay, however, are that we not only have to re-record one of the demo's audio, but the means for the recording of the video have been temporarily made unavailable due to a bad case of "oops."

That said, my first expectations were to have a new demo every two weeks or so (FAIL). Once everything is back together in the filming/recording department, we can proceed. I don't like to predict what I'm not 100% sure of, but I would very much like to have a new demo to show next week. Let's hope the Rolling Stones are wrong this time.


gabriel: Do you think Nintendo will support this project even if Link is absent?

Only time will tell, as regarding that detail I cannot be sure of anything. I highly doubt it would be a major issue, though, compared to issues of copyrights and the like.


Rick: Are you going to include most of the story? Like the aliens, and the pirates, and creep replicas that follow you around?

Technically, I won't include much of the story per se, since Majora's Mask's story, as you play it, revolves around Link's deeds. Since he's not there, this takes a different perspective. If you mean characters, yes, I have built it in a way that allows for Kafei's pursuit of his goal to show as much of the world as a Terminan like him can reach without stretching the rope too much. As I have said before, he cannot become a professional explorer like Link. That would just be the same thing, and we would go back to the dispersion issues discussed in this post.

Referring to the specific characters you mention, I am sorry to say that, although I love those aliens, the optimized story arc I've built would make any incursion to Romani Ranch a massive tangent. So, sadly, they will not appear, and neither will any inhabitant of Milk Road. Cremia and Romani fans can have at the sledgehammers now.

The "creep replicas" as you call them will not appear, simply because they are the empty shells of the souls Link has healed. No Link, no healing, no replicas.

The pirates will most definitely appear, as they are an important part of Act II as the key for Kafei to know where to find Sakon (after all, there's no honor among thieves).


Navi: I’m a costume design major and huge fan of LoZ (MM in particular: I have a handmade skull kid plushie sitting on my bed, no lie). I was wondering how/whether one could apply to do the costumes when the time came? To work for a project so close to my heart would really be a dream come true. I was just hoping that somewhere down the line I’d have a chance. :)

I answered a summing up of similar questions before, but they all referred to the present state of development of the opera. You mention "when the time came," and that's an entirely different deal. If everything goes right, when this project gets to the actual staging phase, I will most definitely take into account every offer of help that has been proposed. I am very glad to see that this project sparks so much interest in those who have contacted me with questions like this, and all I can say so far is thank you for applying and that I hope to see you as eager as you are now by the time this reaches the phase in which you can physically help.