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Now, because of this forced inactivity, more answers! ^_^

Dave Ba: Without Link, will Anju end up evacuating with the moon actually ending Termina? Or will Link's deeds still be present, just not visibly and/or verbally seen at all? Pretty sure I'm not the only one who wonders this...

As I said before, I will not disclose details about the ending. Regarding Link, however, this post explains how he is absent, and by absent I don't mean not focused on, I mean absent. The opera occurs in a timeline in which Link did not go to Termina.


Jenny191: Will the skull kid, or a figure that cursed Kafei be in this later on or will just human like characters be in this production?

Skull Kid looks pretty humanoid, if you ask me. It is a very good question, though, because it allows me to explain two things. First, the curse Skull Kid placed on Kafei is secondary, for the latter himself says he is not ashamed of facing Anju because of his size, but because of the missing wedding mask. If we do find a good short tenor, then by all means, the closest to the original the better, but we can't make it a priority over good singing, especially because it is not vital to the plot. Secondly, Skull Kid will obviously appear, but not as a singer. He will be a dancer. A puppet of Majora. Majora herself will mostly be an off-stage voice, an echo of what Skull Kid hears talking to his mind, half-mixed with his own. When her presence is extremely obvious, there will be an actual singer on stage as a humanoid Majora, but not as an incarnation. She will not be visible to any of the characters, and will be like the devil, whispering into Skull Kid's ear through the mask.


Caleb_Megarexs: How long, would you say, until the release of the second demo?

I'm going to be honest with you, it was supposed to be today. However, we had some setbacks, and although the audio is recorded, we're not 100% ready. It's silly actually, since it's such a short and simple thing. I can't predict anything for sure, but maybe in two weeks.


alex: in the demo, is captain viscen played by a woman?

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